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About The Owner

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Ian has shared his passion of health and fitness through health coaching clients since 2012, when one of his first clients lost 60 lbs. stating “You changed my life.” It was then he knew, he had to make Personal Training his profession and career. Ian is extremely patient and works with all age groups and fitness levels, adapting each session to the unique needs of each client.

Ian holds a blackbelt in Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu, and has trained in boxing, kickboxing and muay thai for many years.  He has created a hybird training style, using martial arts for fitness alongside HIIT workouts to help others reach their fatloss goals in a fun, and high energy way.

He established Thera-RED in March 2022 as he had amazing personal recovery results with Red Light Therapy.  He loved the energy, healing, and overall wellness it provided.
Incorporating RLT for his clients was synergistic, as it is Ian's mission to help others look and FEEL their absolute best.​ 

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