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Why Thera-RED?

The Most POWERFUL Panels with the Best Variety of Wavelengths.

We use top of the line full body Technology at Thera-RED. Not All RLT is the same. Many cheap knockoffs will scam the consumer due to lack of knowledge. Most RLT on the market has limited wavelengths/power.

  • We use 5 wavelengths for the most benefits:

  • 630nm - Reduced wrinkles, assistance with psoriasis, hair regrowth, healing of superficial skin cancers, treatment of acne.

  • 810nm - The ability to penetrate the skull and in turn produce a range of neurological benefits. Research showing 810nm light benefits include - improved healing & recovery, accelerated wound healing, improved recovery from stroke / and brain injury, improvement in psychiatric disorders, anxiety & depression, hair regrowth.

  • 830nm - Accelerated healing & reduced infection, improved recovery post surgery, increased 'feel-good' endorphins, improved bone repair & growth, decreased time to recovery after sports injury.

  • 660nm - Reduced training fatigue & increased performance especially when combined with 830nm light, reduced inflammation, improved bone healing, reduced swelling post injury, reduced neuropathic pain, accelerated wound healing.

  • 850nm - enhanced muscle recovery, faster skin wound healing, assistance with dental recovery

THREE Services / Best Pricing / NO Contracts 

Premium Red Full Body Red Light Therapy

PEMF Therapy + Full Body Red Light

Infrared Sauna


Get Unlimted Access to three wellness treatments for one price!

Other wellness centers will charge $340 Monthly for unlimited access to this level of red light technology or $50 a single session. 

Other Sauna Studios will charge you $200 just for 8 sessions and Netflix.
At Thera-RED, you can focus on your health and budget while getting the best red light treatment available.

Thera-RED is almost 50% less than competitors at only $188 / $38.

At this amazing price, you are not stuck in some corporate contract. Members cancel ANY TIME. Card on file, pay as you go.


24 Hour Access / NO Appointments Needed

It doesn't get better than 24 hour access!

After your initial appointment, with membership you'll have a special access code to come in at any time, that way you can prioritize your health with your busy schedule.

How do I know when to come in?
First come, first serve.
But with such a wide window that members come in, multiple booths, and most sessions being about 15 min, there is usually little to no wait time!


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